Misc. Art



Olio gallery is a collection of different themes.


           Scorpio -  Oil on silk, 26x26.                                                   Self-Image Wire on Magahony 24"x36"



 Wonder- Oil on canvass board, 18"x24".                                                           Sandy's Cat Max


    Sandy's Dream - Oil on canvas board. 12"x16".                                  Ronnie 18" x 24". Oil on canvas.



    Union Boss 18" x 24". Oil on canvas.                                             Moonshine 18" x 24". Oil on canvas.



The Union - Oil on canvas 36"x48".                                               Spirit - Oil on canvas board 16"x24"


Stephanie Oil on canvas 16"x24"


   Erin's and Chuck's dogs. Oil on canvas 16"x20"


   Pig in Lilacs Stained Glass 24"x18"



Three  Generations Oil on canvas 18"x24"     Journey of Hope Oil on canvas 24"x32"



Sandy's Panda Needle Point 12"x18"


Dietra's Calla Lilly 12"x18"                               Dietra's Cala Lily Sketch



Lisa and Jimbo oil on canvas 24 X32"